The Hope Center for Kids strives to faithfully inspire hope in youth and children through education, employ-ability, collaboration and faith.

  • Education – Youth and children will graduate from high school with the expectation of pursuing learning opportunities after high school. Hope is learned through education.
  •  Employ-ability-  Youth will be prepared to develop the skills needed to be gainfully employed. Youth will be ready to get and keep a job at completion of their time at Hope.
  •  Collaboration – Partnering with others in the city increases our ability to impact youth in the community. We believe that “one plus one equals three.”
  •  Faith – Youth and children will have the opportunity to hear about and grow in the knowledge of God’s love. Faith is the means for lasting transformation.




The Nebraska Kidney Association has been helping Nebraska kidney and transplant patients for over 45 years.  The NKA strives to improve the quality of life for all Nebraskans by:

  • Advocating for better health policies;
  • Supporting legislation for better health care;
  • Providing information and education to the general public, professional community and those impacted by kidney disease or organ donation;
  • Conducting free early disease detection screenings throughout the state;
  • Providing services to kidney and transplant patients and their families